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Search our database of over 12 million Instagram influencers. HYPR is an influencer marketing program that lets you discover, analyze, activate, measure, and manage influencers.


A number of studies have found that a marketers consider finding relevant influencers their greatest influencer marketing challenge. The HYPR platform — an influencer discovery and management platform — provides a solution to this problem by allowing marketers to find top influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

HYPR is the all-in-one influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies. We offer automation for influencer discovery, evaluation, outreach, management, and analytics — using artificial intelligence to identify fraud and calculate audience overlap. The platform’s search feature that allows brands and agencies to discover influencers based on their profile, engagement, audience interests, and demographic info. Searches can be made as broad or narrow as desired, and across numerous verticals. 

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In order to successfully leverage influencer marketing, audience alignment is key. In other words, finding influencers whose audience demographics largely overlap with your target audience is crucial to the success of a campaign.

With the HYPR platform, you can get the granularity you need from searching our database of over 12 million creators, ranging from celebrities to micro-influencers and more.


Find and analyze influencers based on:

  • Geographic location
  • Audience demographics
  • Audience psychographics
  • Topics, hashtags, or brands mentioned in their posts
  • Engagement rates with followers
  • True followers and positive audience health

Top Instagram Influencers, Content Creators, Bloggers and More

Camille Charriere is an Instagram influencer whose expertise ranges from brand consultancy, social media strategy and collection design. She has collaborated with brands different brands and has been featured in Style.com, Vogue, and Elle. Camille has over 700K Instagram followers, 89% of which are female. Despite being based in London, only 12% of her following is located in the UK, and 22% is located in the US.

Jeremy Austin is a travel and luxury influencer who posts primarily about travel, adventure and beautiful holiday destinations. His audience interests include photography, fashion and finance. Jeremy has over 290K Instagram followers, 42% of which fall between the ages of 26 and 32. He also has an exceptional Instagram health score of 93/100.

Asiyami Gold is an Instagram influencer and content creator originally from Atlanta. She is passionate about design, photography, and travel, and fuses these when creating content for her social media platforms. She has over 200K Instagram followers, and an exceptional engagement rate of 7.24%. Her key audience interests include natural hair, food and travel.


engagements with the target audience of young women in the US aged 18-26 who are interested in fashion, beauty, and natural topics. Download case study >

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