Frequently Asked Questions

What can HYPR provide for my business?

HYPR offers a way to make influencer marketing easy. With HYPR, you can find and understand the social following of almost every influencer in the world. We provide you with easy, understandable, and actionable data in a quick-read format that will help you select influencers that can boost your marketing efforts and drive engagement.

What subscription plans are available?

We currently offer four different levels of subscriptions: Standard, Pro, Platinum and Enterprise. Please see our Pricing Page for all information on the costs and features associated with each level of subscription.

How does HYPR identify the influencers who are best suited to reach my desired audience?

Utilizing proprietary technology, the HYPR platform scans each influencer’s audience, and analyzes gender, ethnicity, age, location, and other interests. That analysis is then used to identify the perfect influencer for your needs based on your search.

How can I utilize verticals and topics to help me identify an influencer?

Within our database, there is a wide range of verticals (or topics of influence) that can be used to target audiences in a variety of niche markets. (e.g.: Fashion, Health & Fitness, Entrepreneur)

Can I find influencers from a variety of countries?

Yes, our  database currently features influencers from over 100 countries and the database is growing by thousands of influencers every day.

How can I contact an influencer?

With Pro, Platinum Enterprise subscriptions you can access each influencer’s contact information to use for your outreach. If you want our team to manage the outreach for you, we offer the services of HYPR Collaborative, a team of in-house experts who are contracted to run campaigns on our clients’ behalf. This team handles everything from ideation to talent procurement and execution.

If I choose to do a HYPR Collaborative campaign is there a minimum budget and/or fee required?

Yes, HYPR Collaborative requires a minimum budget of $25,000, as well as a fee of 20-25% for their work depending upon the scale of the influencer. For more info, contact our client success team at


I am looking for the best way to promote my product, what do you suggest?

Engaging with influencers is an artform and it’s important to position your offer in a way that shows how the influencer is a natural ally for your brand or product. We offer Influencer Outreach Guidelines on our blog that can help you make the most of your influencer outreach effort. For additional assistance you can utilize HYPR Collaborative to manage your campaign on your behalf.

How does pricing work regarding posts and influencers?

Generally the same cost per thousand figures with digital marketing channels applies to influencer marketing, however when negotiating the fee keep in mind that these costs may be higher depending on the engagement level and overall amplification “power” of a particular influencer. This is largely impacted by an influencers size and reach. Should you need assistance utilizing your budget wisely, please contact clientsuccess@hyprbrands.com 

Do you opt in influencers?

No, none of the 10 million influencers on our platform are opted-in. We believe that Brands come first and when you opt-in influencers there becomes a conflict of interest. Whenever is an influencer is opted-in for a platform there is typically an unspoken agreement between the platform and influencer that the platform should help the influencer make money. We, on the other hand, believe that we should be helping our clients make money.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing identifies and activates trending social media personalities to promote a product or campaign across various social platforms. Influencers are enlisted for their authenticity and their unique ability to endorse brands to targeted audiences, while remaining true to their unique voice. It is a beneficial partnership for brands looking to attract and retain new customers through a trusted source.

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