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Influencer Discovery and Performance Analytics

Our award-winning platform automates every step of managing and scaling your influencer marketing program: discover, evaluate, engage, activate, measure and pay influencers.

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Influencer Discovery


Search 12 million+ influencers in our evolving database. HYPR’s discovery tool cuts influencer research to minutes. Search by hashtags, content topics, brand mentions, and demographic data.

Make data-driven decisions for the right influencers based on a combination of data points: demographic, psychographic, and geographic audience analytics. Our database is updated in real-time and search results display instantly.

“It’s one thing to have a large audience of fans, but an influencer’s audience follows them for a specific subject matter. Not every influencer is a good fit for selling every brand. Understanding the difference between number of followers and true sphere of influence is the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign. Most platforms will only tell you what the influencer talks about — HYPR measures the strength of influence on a topic. It’s all about thought leadership; the ability to move people.”

– Gil Eyal, CEO of HYPR

Influencer discovery by the numbers:

  • 1 billion social accounts tracked weekly
  • 12 million searchable influencers – more than any discovery tool on the market
  • 30,000 content categories
  • 100s of trusted customers
  • 25 filtering options

Content Search

Search billions of social conversations to instantly identify content topics that influencers and their followers are talking about. We track hashtags, topics, and brand mentions across every major social media platform.

Audience Data

How do you know that your influencer is reaching the right people? Some famous female accounts, for example, have a majority of male followers. It’s not easy to understand the true audience at a glance.

HYPR’s discovery tool cuts influencer research to minutes.

Calculate audience data like: age, gender, geographic location, income levels, race and ethnicity, education, topic interests, and more.

Sort influencers according to search relevance, follower count, average likes, comments, shares, or views per post, or average engagement rate.

Influencer Evaluation Audience Overlap Tool

Calculate your unique audience and true reach with the world’s first and only unique audience analysis tool. Immediately evaluate influencers as a group, and rank them based on their expected contribution within the context of the campaign.

Strategically understand how much of their audience overlaps with other influencers, and how much of a unique audience they contribute.

Audience Health and Fraud

Ever wonder if you’re dealing with real, engaged followers — or with bots and spam? Our proprietary Instagram Audience Health tool calculates a score for influencers in seconds.

We use machine learning to evaluate millions of social cues, like follower count imbalances, spam-like comments, and suspicious spikes in followers or engagement.

Influencer Management


Unlike any other platform in the space, we do not have an opted-in roster of influencers. We don’t service influencers — our allegiance is to your brand or agency.

Connect with influencers who matter and activate at scale.

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Easy Contact Information

Access contact information for millions of influencers. No more hunting around or sending annoying direct messages. Our Outreach AI bot is your personal influencer marketing manager — sending thousands of messages to influencers to find who is interested.

Create and Export Lists

Need to share influencers with your client or team? Easily create lists to organize your shortlist of influencers, then export into a beautiful PDF instantly with all the right data. Brand your PDF to your company or agency.

Influencer Payment Platform

Our payment platform lets you pay influencers at scale across different currencies and countries. We sort out the busywork — w9s, invoices, compliance — so you can focus on delivering high-quality branded campaigns.

Influencer Analytics


Unlike any other platform in the space, we do not have an opted-in roster of influencers. We don’t service influencers — our allegiance is to your brand or agency.

Connect with influencers who matter and activate at scale.

Advanced Campaign Tracking

Measure the impact and ROI of your campaigns with our advanced campaign tracking tools.

Compare posts side-by-side and sort by metrics like performance, engagement, and cost across all of your tracked sponsored content. Make decisions on the best influencers and understand which audience your dollars reached.

Track Meaningful KPIs

Vanity metrics are a big fact of the influencer industry. Our platform is built for marketers who want to bring traditional marketing metrics and standards to their influencer channel.

Expert Customer Service Team

Our service team has thousands of successful influencer campaigns under their belts. HYPR’s helpful, committed, attentive team helps you meet your KPIs from start to end.

Campaign strategy.

Our account managers have extensive experience running influencer campaigns, and can help with influencer budget optimization, strategic brainstorm and discovery, FTC guideline compliance, contract language, outreach strategy and more.

On-demand vetting.

As a third-party platform, we’re able to analyze anything social. This includes influencers, regardless of geographic location or content focus, competitive analysis on other brands in your industry, and your own true reach to respective audiences.

Influencer marketing workshopping.

Influencer marketing is rapidly changing. Our team meets frequently with each client to discuss industry trends, onboard new team members, and demonstrate new platform features.

“No one beats HYPR when it comes to identifying the right micro-influencer for our clients.

The HYPR account team has been instrumental in all of our influencer campaigns and activations due to their timely feedback and expert insight.

They’ve also been able to manage many quick-turnaround requests and provide thoroughly-vetted lists for our teams to use in outreach.”

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