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Influencer management platform

Creator Relationship Management Suite

HYPR leads in influencer discovery, evaluation, and tracking. Now we are announcing the world’s most advanced creator relationship management software — a Salesforce and HubSpot type of CRM built exclusively for influencer marketers.

The platform works seamlessly with HYPR’s current platform, with new modules to streamline every aspect of influencer management.

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Custom influencer fields


Comprehensive Contact Records

Organize your influencer contacts with custom fields — just like you would organize relationships within HubSpot or Salesforce. You can create any kind of property to sort and sift through your creator database. Then, search and find exactly what you need, and store all your data in one handy place.

Custom Influencer Properties

Create any type of custom field for influencers such as eye color, hair color, shirt size, geographic location, and more. The possibilities are endless. Select different input types like text, number, dropdown menus and more.

  • Private and customized to your organization.
  • Modifiable.
  • Searchable.


Tracking influencers manually? Easily import your existing lists from a CSV/Excel file.

Organizational tools to help you scale:

  • Enterprise level permission systems let you control who can see what in the organization.
  • Share search results and lists with your team.
  • Read internal comments and info about influencers across the organizations.
  • Share custom fields with all brands under the umbrella.
  • Share campaign tracking information with authorized users.
  • Gather organizational data and info over time.

Influencer activations

Communicate With Creators

Outreach at Scale

Connect with influencers who matter and activate automatically. With our mass outreach wizard, generate lists from HYPR’s 12 million influencers. Then generate a set of rules to send out numerous proposals at once, track responses, and opt-in to the reporting platform.

Easy Contact Information

Access contact information for millions of influencers. No more hunting around or sending annoying direct messages. Our Outreach AI bot is your personal influencer marketing manager — sending thousands of messages to influencers to find who is interested.

Track Responses + Status

Communicate with influencers and their managers in a state-of-the-art dashboard. Track responses and the status as the activation progresses.

Influencer Communication Tracking

Retain all influencer communications for your organization in a dashboard. View email correspondence inside a built-in inbox, and receive updates to your personal email address as influencers communicate with you. Our dashboard supports attachments and contacts in interaction.


Manage and pay creators

Track Performance & Payments

Measure Campaign Impact

After launching your campaigns, see which influencers reached the right audience targets and had the most compelling sponsored content. Share and discuss impact with influencers right within your HYPR dashboard.

Our payment platform lets you pay influencers at scale across different currencies and countries. We sort out the busywork — w9s, invoices, compliance — so you can focus on delivering high-quality branded campaigns.

Advanced Campaign Tracking

Our campaign tracking tools are the best on the market. Make decisions about which influencers to work with based on the audience they engaged — review demographic, psychographic, and geographic data for the audience that you reached. It’s easy to calculate ROI and true reach for your influencer marketing investment.

Track Meaningful KPIs

Vanity metrics are dying out. Instead, track top influencers by engagement, earned media value or EMV, true reach, cost per engagement, and more. Our platform is custom-built for marketers to bring traditional marketing measurement to the influencer space.

Expert Customer Service Team

Our service team has thousands of successful influencer campaigns under their belts. HYPR’s helpful, committed, attentive team helps you meet your KPIs from start to end.

Campaign strategy.

Our account managers have extensive experience running influencer campaigns, and can help with influencer budget optimization, strategic brainstorm and discovery, FTC guideline compliance, contract language, outreach strategy and more.

On-demand vetting.

As a third-party platform, we’re able to analyze anything social. This includes influencers, regardless of geographic location or content focus, competitive analysis on other brands in your industry, and your own true reach to respective audiences.

Influencer marketing workshopping.

Influencer marketing is rapidly changing. Our team meets frequently with each client to discuss industry trends, onboard new team members, and demonstrate new platform features.

“The HYPR account team has been instrumental in all of our influencer campaigns and activations due to their timely feedback and expert insight.”

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