About Us

Our Story

HYPR is the World’s largest and smartest Influencer search and discovery directory that provides real-time analytics for social Influencers across major social platforms. Our comprehensive directory organizes social media information and makes specific audiences reachable at scale. Founded in 2013, HYPR’s Search Engine leverages its smart index that houses profiles and audience demographic information for over 10 million Influencers.

Every Influencer is catalogued according to data points such as age, gender, interests, household income, gender and location among others. With millions of Influencers available for activations, brands now have a multitude of options—as long as they can actually discover them. The HYPR platform sifts through over 10 million accounts and produces a list of Influencers that match the search criteria in seconds.

With the shift toward micro-influencers (influencers with less than 100,000 followers), brands and marketers are required to sift through millions of accounts to deliver the most aligned candidates who will produce top engagement. The HYPR platform allows automation in Influencer discovery by narrowing down millions of options to the most actionable and relevant ones.

HYPR Fast Facts

  • Over 30% of the World’s largest brands, agencies, and Influencer marketing platforms trust HYPR’s data.
  • HYPR’s services are now consumed by over five hundred brands, agencies and Influencer marketing platforms.
  • HYPR released ‘Influencer Audience API’ in January 2017, which allows dozens of Influencer marketing platforms to power their Influencer discovery and audience demographic data through HYPR.
  • HYPR launched a beta version of its campaign measurement tool in May 2017, which is the only solution in the world to offer audience demographic data for post engagement as well as live tracking of Influencer campaigns in real-time.
  • HYPR allows automation in Influencer discovery by narrowing down millions of options to the most actionable and relevant ones in seconds.

Our People

Gil Eyal – Co-Founder and CEO

Gil Eyal is the CEO and co-founder of HYPR, based in HYPR’s HQ in New York City.

Under Gil’s direction, HYPR boasts a client base of over 100 Fortune 500 brands and 100 of the biggest advertising and PR agencies in the world, including LVMH, Next Models, Levi Strauss, Hearst Magazines, Calvin Klein, Time Inc. and Estée Lauder.

Gil is a pioneer in the influencer space, having worked on projects involving mainstream talent such as Pitbull, Drake Bell, Kris Allen and Daughtry (Acento Digital Media), as well as for social media stars such as Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Bart Baker, Carter Reynolds and Hayes Grier (26 MGMT).

Gil also served as the COO of early player photo-sharing app Mobli Media, where he collaborated with the world’s biggest stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Serena Williams, Lil Wayne and Lance Armstrong.

Selected as one of the top ten Israelis influencing the New York tech scene in 2016, Gil has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, as well as a Bachelor of Laws from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Guy Tamir – Co-Founder and CTO

Guy Tamir is the CTO and co-founder of HYPR.

Coding from the age of 12, Tamir was hand-picked after graduating from high school to join the Mamram—the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) central computing system unit—regarded as one of the best sources of elite tech professionals in the world. After four years in Mamram, Tamir took a position as a team lead within the IDF Technological Unit for two years.

With aspirations to create his own startup, Tamir was introduced to HYPR co-founder Gil Eyal in 2013. Based out of HYPR’s state-of-the-art research and development center in Tel Aviv, Tamir leads a team of 10 highly-trained engineers and data scientists responsible for developing the unique advanced algorithms that extract audience analytic data from every social influencer account in the world.