The Most Important Questions to Ask in the Marketing World

The Most Important Questions to Ask in the Marketing World
November 15, 2015 admin
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I stumbled into the influencer space inadvertently. As a marketing manager at a young company like Mobli it becomes clear that it would be difficult to capture significant market share with limited resources. We made the conscious decision of partnering with big names to benefit from their popularity and drive their fans to our platform. We raised money from huge names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams and partnered with multiple mainstream celebrities as well as major social influencers. The strategy worked really well sometimes and didn’t work at all other times.  

Will my audience see this?

When I left Mobli, people kept reaching out to me for help working with celebrities and influencers. Tools to help connect with influencers were beginning to pop up everywhere but none of them properly answered the question you ask when you run any other type of marketing campaign. The question you ask when you put up a sign on the street, a banner on a website or a commercial on TV. “Will my audience see this?”.

Before you advertise on Facebook, Google or buy a sign from Van-Wagner, you’ll get a detailed description of the demographics of the audience that will engage with your new ad. Try to work with celebrities and influencers online and you’ll probably be told that they have this and that many followers… and we believe it’s mostly female.

Answering the most important question in marketing

HyPR’s goal was to answer the most important question in marketing when working with influencers.  What does their audience actually look like and is it an audience that will be interested in my product?

HyPR solves this and many problems by crawling every social account in the world and using our proprietary technology to understand the composition of their audience. The data we have is enormous, and we’re working on a product that will make working with mid and small sized influencers easy, scalable, cost effective and quick.

It’s all about targeting in this exciting space. We’re the first to offer real targeting capabilities.
Thanks for taking an interest in us! Get in touch and join our beta!

Gil Eyal

CEO & Co-Founder, HyPR