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  • Ryan Berger - Fox 5

    Ryan Berger on Fox 5 News

  • How we get our data infographic

    How HYPR Gets Its Data

  • Influencer Marketing Platform

    The different types of influencer marketing platforms

    Influencer marketing is about to explode in the year 2017. Every marketing or business site you read has a dozen…

  • influencers

    7 Ways To Avoid Con-Influencers

    Influencers are everywhere. There are many routes to take when searching for the right influencer, whether you are a well-known…

  • How Donald Trump Used Influencer Marketing To Gain Earned Media & Win The US Elections

      $8 Billion dollars is the estimated amount of earned media during the 2016 American presidential campaign. Most of it…

  • Measuring Influencer Marketing Campaign

    In the end, influencer marketing is just like any other marking strategy in that it is a learning opportunity that…

  • Influencer Marketing Examples

      Executing an influencer-based campaign sounds simple enough. Get a few influential people, get them to participate in the marketing…

  • Define influencer

    How do you define an Influencer?

    Marketing is a fast-changing field that requires constant study. If you keep your eye shut too long, you could end…

  • Tighter Regulations Equal More Influencer Marketing

    Over the past year or so, as influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements on social media have drawn a lot of…

  • The Role of Influencer Marketing in Key Industries: A Look at the Fashion Industry

    Influencer marketing is a buzzword in key industries today. This prompts industry leaders, especially those who have been leaning towards…