Short Term vs Long Term Influencer Campaigns

Short Term vs Long Term Influencer Campaigns
February 16, 2016 Connor Gallic
Charles Barkley

Over the past year or two, “influencer” has been becoming a bigger and bigger buzzword. Here at HYPR, we have watched the word develop into what it is today. It started with any celebrity being considered an influencer, but with the development of social media anyone can now be considered an influencer. We at HYPR define an influencer as anyone with a large online following, that is also considered an expert in their niche, and can entice their audience to actively engage with their content.

With the rise of influencers, so rose the idea of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, in short is similar to a celebrity endorsement. Having an influencer endorse your product can usually lead to a much cheaper ROI than typical paid media. The problem, that we are seeing at HYPR is that when companies want to find an influencer, they want to go with the one that has the biggest following, or someone they might already have heard of and feel comfortable with. Sometimes they make the choice on cost, either going for the most expensive influencer or the cheapest one. Sometimes they choose an influencer whose audience hates the product, and so the influencer and the company receives negative backlash.

When someone picks an influencer in this manner, they are choosing a short-term influencer. They are only looking at the superficial stats of an influencer, which won’t help anyone in the long run. You want an influencer who can relate to your product or at the very least whose audience resonates with your product

An example of picking a short term influencer, happened back in 2012 to Weight Watchers. Charles Barkley was their big celebrity endorsement and when he thought no one was watching he called Weight Watchers a scam. Now you can imagine that did not make potential Weight Watchers clients want to go out and make a purchase. 

Charles Barkley


How do you know if you are choosing a short-term influencer or a long-term influencer?

This is actually pretty easy.

  • If you are already in contact with a few influencers, ask them to honestly tell you what they think of your product.
  • Ask them about your competitors and which one would they rather choose. If they would rather use your competitor’s product, you don’t want to choose them as an influencer.
  • Use HYPR to find out if their audience matches your target demographic. If it doesn’t you are choosing a short term influencer.

Just asking a few short questions can make a huge difference when running an influencer campaign.

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