The Role of Influencer Marketing in Key Industries: A Look at the Fashion Industry

The Role of Influencer Marketing in Key Industries: A Look at the Fashion Industry
October 25, 2016 admin

Influencer marketing is a buzzword in key industries today. This prompts industry leaders, especially those who have been leaning towards traditional marketing strategies, to ask how to do influencer marketing effectively.

An effective influencer marketing campaign always starts with the basics.
The brand should have a clear objective that they want to achieve.  Do they want to drive traffic to content or boost online sales?  Do they aim for increased brand awareness or increased mobile app installs? What are the key performance indicators that will help them determine whether a campaign worked?

In order to have an effective influencer marketing campaign, companies need to look at major influencers in their specific industries.  With the breadth of the World Wide Web, how does one look for key influencers?

One platform that could help companies is HYPR. HYPR is the only one of its kind.  It helps companies search for influencers through a platform that works much the same way as Google.
HYPR has in its database psychographic, geographic and demographic information and it crawls the internet daily, continuously sifting through relevant data. For example, brands can search by audience and sift it by gender, age group, ethnicity, country, influencer location, social platforms and total followers.
The social platforms considered are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

The information given to companies is a social analytics breakdown of an influencer.  It shows key interests, influence by geography, and social network influence.  It specifies number of subscribers, number of likes, comments, and shares for each social media platform.  Companies should also look beyond numbers and identify their engagement growth rate and whether the comments that they are generating are real or spam.

With this type of help, companies get to know their influencers and the influencer marketplace.  They will now find it easier to craft a campaign with the target audience in mind.

Fashion industry

We will take a look at the role of influencer marketing in an important multi-billion dollar global industry:  the world of fashion.

Fashion influencers have the power to charge thousands of dollars for just one Instagram post.  With millions of avid followers waiting for these women’s OOTD (Outfit of the Day), getting dressed requires careful thought and planning, and every post they have on social media is a financial transaction.

Famous bloggers like Danielle Burnstein, Kristina Razan and Susie Bubble may not be household names, but they generate a following by the millions which major brands cannot ignore.

For instance, Ms. Burnstein reportedly charges $15,000.00 per piece of content to be posted on Instagram.

However, these bloggers’ credibility lies in the fact that they do not wear sponsored pieces all the time.  They usually express themselves through clothes and accessories that they have invested in, and then accept sponsored partnerships with other brands.  In fact, most influencers use the hashtags #ad or #sponsored to let their followers know that the post has been paid for. More than 50% of fashion influencers all agree that authenticity has been critical to their success, and 60% say that they are now more selective about the brands they choose to partner with.  75% say that they are not happy with how some brands are more concerned with numbers and reach, and less concerned about personal development.