Measuring Influencer Marketing Campaign

Measuring Influencer Marketing Campaign
November 22, 2016 admin

measuring influencer marketing success

In the end, influencer marketing is just like any other marking strategy in that it is a learning opportunity that you can’t let slip away. The best way to learn from something is to take a step back and look at it from a broader frame of reference.

It also helps if you can be specific about how you view the results of your campaign. How specific? Numbers.

If you can measure specific aspects about your influencer marketing campaign, then you can be really informed about its ups and downs, and about its successes and failures. You can better find out what worked and what did not. You can be confident about what can be done better next time.

How to measure influencer marketing

The beauty of a digital social media campaign is that the numbers are pretty easy to come by. Online marketing is a lot more measurable than most other forms of marketing. You cannot really see how many people stared at a billboard, but you can see how many people clicked on an ad. Things work even better on social media because you don’t have to be digging around long before you find how many people commented or liked a certain post.

In addition to this, further numbers and statistics can be available to you when using the social media platform’s backend. Using your account settings, you can check to see which posts did the best and which ones did not perform. If you have an influencer- based campaign, then you definitely want the posts with the influencer to have better engagement than your usual posts since that is one of the primary reasons why they are there. This means that if they fail to drive traffic to your social media page, then you are pretty much wasting your investment on them.

You can also look at the kind of people who are engaging with your brand as a result of the influencers. Are they your target market? Are these the people you were planning to converse with? Keep in mind it is possible for your influencer to have your target market as a usual audience and yet attract a whole different audience once they start working on posts that involve your brand. This does not happen often, but unfortunately it does happen.

Check to see the demographics of the people who are engaging with your influencer’s posts. Know if they match that of your target market.

Measuring influencer marketing brings the perks of being able to know whether the influencer you hired is one you should be going back to or one that is simply not a good fit for your brand. If the response is good, then you should consider getting the same influencer. If not, then maybe consider trying someone who is more in line with your branding and target market.

In some cases, you can even use these metrics to connect to sales. This is especially true for e-commerce brands. You can see if sales were the result of visits to the social media pages of your website and your influencer. If you can see that there was a noticeable increase in sales, then it must be a result of your influencer.

Overall, measuring influencer marketing is one of the major perks of opting for influencer marketing in the first place. It gives you results that you can quantify, allowing you to take a more scientific approach to meeting your branding goals. Your future influencer campaigns will greatly benefit from knowing your past numbers.