Are long-tail influencers the cool kids from high school?

Are long-tail influencers the cool kids from high school?
August 10, 2016 Florence Catton

Do you remember the cool kids from high school?

We all have to admit that at one point during our high school career we always wanted to be or be noticed by the “popular” kids. We see it on TV shows and movies: the cooler kids tend to have more fun, get away with breaking the rules and are always looked up to. I know that for me, while observing the cool kids in high school, I would yearn to be more like them and would follow their every move. As seen in Mean Girls, everyone wants to be Regina George.


Who were those cool kids?

The cool kids in High School were the “Clique” or “Squad” that set the verdict of which kids are in and which are out. They set the hierarchy of popularity in the social scene and basked in the honor they received from their fellow peers.


Did you ever wonder what happened to the cool kids after high school?

A 10- year study shows that the status of the cool kids in high school drastically decline once they hit age 23. This happens because in the real world, fitting in does not get you any results. We tend to acknowledge and get inspired by the people who make a difference. The Amy Schumer,  Bill Gates and Walt Disneys of the world were definitely not the cool kids in High School.


So who are these long tail influencers? Are they the cool kids from High School?

To get noticed as a long tail influencer there has to be something unique in you, some kind of funny side or hidden confidence that just gets people to like you. Being “cool” means getting the popular status by fitting in, not standing out. Most long tail influencers these days are the ones who stand out from within the crowd, who take hold of their uniqueness and turn it into a way to share their passions with the world.

Many of the internet celebrities today, or  A-List celebrities were shy and bullied in High School.  For example, pop star and actress influential to teens worldwide, Demi Lovato was bullied as a child.

As we grow older we leave the cool kids from high school behind, take the road less traveled and reach success by being unique. Next time you see a quote on Instagram that makes you laugh, or an outrageous Youtube video that really gets you, appreciate the creative people people who are willing to be different and say goodbye to those cool kids from high school who are still stuck in the past.
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