Instagram is Getting a New Algorithm

Instagram is Getting a New Algorithm
March 24, 2016 Connor Gallic

Instagram on mobile

Instagram just recently announced that it will be rolling out a new filtered newsfeed in the upcoming months. As always whenever Facebook or Instagram make an announcement like this, there is usually some sort of outcry, either as users or as businesses who use the platform. Personal use of Instagram, won’t be affected too much, as they said they are making this change to show you more of what you want to see.

The real question is what will this mean for businesses accounts on Instagram?

Obviously, at the moment no one knows how this will affect business accounts, but fortunately we can look at Instagram’s big brother Facebook to try and understand what they might do. Facebook is constantly tweaking its newsfeed algorithm and the result is always showing you more posts that you will be more likely to engage on. The end results of the tweaks is always that Brands always lose. The reason they lose is for a few different reasons, the biggest is that Brand content is boring compared to your friends content. Most people, don’t care what a Brand is posting and don’t typically engage so Brand posts are dumped to the bottom. The second reason is that if Brands can get tons of engagement organically there is no reason for them to pay for higher reach.

Our bet is once this change happens you will start to see Brand posts not shown at all.
So how do you stay ahead of the game? Thankfully for promotions, influencer accounts on Instagram shouldn’t be affected that much at all. The reason being that influencer accounts get a ton of engagement. People enjoy influencers posts 99% of the time so they should stay pretty high up in the new feed maybe only overshadowed by close friends.


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