How Well Did KIA Pick Their Influencers

How Well Did KIA Pick Their Influencers
February 8, 2016 Connor Gallic
influencers by hour

Oh, the Super Bowl what a time of great sports and funny commercials. There were plenty of great commercials that we could write about, but there was one commercial that we, the HYPR team were excited to see. That was KIA’s Walken Closet spot. Why were we excited?,  you may ask. That is because KIA used IBM’s Watson to pick out 100 influencers who were going to help boost their campaign. As a company, that specializes in helping marketers find perfect influencers for their marketing campaigns, we were very intrigued to see how it would play out. Overall, I have to say we were quite disappointed by how poorly they did.
First, take a look at the trending topics during this year’s Super Bowl.


influencers by hour

Just doing a quick Twitter search brings up a few of the key influencers who were chosen during the game. For our analysis, we will be using the top 4 who came up in our feed.You can see that Christopher Walken was trending for a good 4 hours, which seems like it would be fantastic for KIA. The problem is that KIA’s campaign was supposed to be focused on the hashtag #AddPizzazz which as you can see is nowhere to be found on the trending list. With 100 influencers using your hashtag, we would imagine that it should have gotten more attention.

These four influencers are Jake Miller, Andrea Feczko, Jason Maslow and Carly Woods.

All four of these influencers have at least 100,000 followers, so why not a bigger splash?

Let’s take a look at the data HYPR provides to see where the issue may be.

Taking a peek at James Maslow’s data shows that his audience is mainly made up of females who have more of an interest in music than cars.

Followers By Gender

Jake Miller’s audience looks a lot like James Maslow.

Followers by gender

KIA, finally hit the male demographic with Andrea Feczko, but again her audience interests are more focused on beauty and marketing compared to cars.

Followers by gender and interest

Overall, based on HYPR’s audience demographic technology, we feel that the influencers used for the #AddPizzazz campaign could have been better. The campaign did a good job of reaching a large sized audience, but the audience seems unphased by KIA’s campaign.