How to use HYPR

How to use HYPR
July 28, 2016 Connor Gallic

Welcome to HYPR, the only platform in the world that provides cross-platform geographic, psychographic and demographic data for over 10 million influencers. HYPR crawls the internet daily, making it easy to find the perfect influencers for any of your campaigns with just a few simple searches.

Using HYPR is just as easy as using Google, but if you need any help you can always come back here for an explanation or reach out to anyone on our team.

Below is a step by step walk-through of our platform, which will show you how to utilize the HYPR platform to its maximum potential.

You can watch a quick overview:

You can also follow along with our step by step instructions:

First step, is logging in. You can access the log-in screen by clicking here: https://hyprbrands.com/login/

Once you are logged in you will see our search menu on the right side of the screen. If you don’t see it, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner.

Click here to search








Once you have opened the search menu,  it is time to search!


Our platform allows you to search and identify influencers based on two search options:

  • Audience Demographics

  • Influencer Characteristics

Refine by influencer

Influencer Audience demographics are broken down into audience interests, age groups, audience ethnicity, gender breakdown and other metrics that help marketers properly target their audience in every other marketing channel.

What does that mean? If you have ever used Facebook Advertising before, it is very similar. You can input any interest that you want to target.

Some examples:

  • If you are a fashion brand, you might search Fashion or Beauty.
  • If you are promoting a book, you might try using the Reading interest group.
  • If you are promoting something sports related, you might try FootballBasketball, Baseball, etc.

If you need a full list of verticals just contact your account manager or simply start typing and see the suggestions that pop up.

Once you have chosen the audience interest, you can further narrow down the influencer results by inputting the Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Country, Household Income Level, and Audience Eduction level for the target demographic of your campaign.


Example- If you are a makeup brand, you may search for an Influencer who has an audience of females, between the ages of 13 – 25 living in the USA. You can see an example below.

Search influencers by demographic

Once you have identified your desired audience, it’s time to narrow down the influencers you want to work with.

You have two options to narrow down your influencer choices: Audience Size and Platform

Depending on your budget or goals, you may want to decrease the max audience size or increase the minimum size. This can allow you to narrow down the search to full blown celebrities or tens of thousands of niche influencers.

refine by social platform

You can identify the influencers based on how strong their engagement with the audience is on each social platform.

By now you should have a list of influencers for you to browse. As you explore their profiles, you may want to save ones that you like for later. You can click the check box on each one of the influencer profile cards to add them to a list that you can view/share later.

list of influencers

Once you enter an influencer’s profile you access one of a kind in-depth analytics about their audience, which you can use to verify that the influencers you are reaching out to can really impact your target audience.