How Influencer Marketing is Making Story Telling Relevant Again

How Influencer Marketing is Making Story Telling Relevant Again
March 10, 2016 Connor Gallic

Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. It gains the attention of your potential customers, and leads them to a point where they say “Yes, I’m interested in your product. It can captivate the attention of your audience and often leave them wanting more, we will highlight a few examples further down.

Using stories to market, your product is not a new strategy, it has been around for hundreds of years but with the advancements of influencer marketing it is quickly becoming more relevant than ever. The reason it is becoming more relevant is because consumers are tired of having ads constantly bombarding them. Billboards, Pop-ups, displaying advertising, they all work but just aren’t as relatable as an advertisement that uses storytelling. You want to take the reader on an emotional roller coaster with a happy ending to make him want to find out more about becoming your customer.

Let’s look at two examples of storytelling done right.

Both commercials take you on a journey that you can relate too and in the end you’ll probably remember them more than if you had seen a popup. People are naturally emotional. Our emotions influence our buying decisions, you don’t want to ignore that fact when you are running a campaign.

Incorporating influencers  into your storytelling campaigns can be as easy, as having them in the commercials or characters in your story. You can have influencers showcase how they use your products in their

A great example of a brand doing influencer storytelling right is American Express.

American Express - Instagram

They highlight influencers who use American Express as part of their everyday lives and this has given them a huge boost in engagement and customers.

As you can see, combining influencers and storytelling can lead to big results if done correctly. It can leave your audience actually relating to your product or brand as opposed to just bothering them.

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