How Adblockers are Making the Case for Influencer Marketing

How Adblockers are Making the Case for Influencer Marketing
March 16, 2016 Connor Gallic

The impact of influencer marketing will be gigantic in the years ahead. Driving this trend is largely the advent of new technologies such as ad blockers which hinder traditional advertising efforts. Advertising spend in 2016 will see a movement toward earned media, specifically leveraging influencer marketing to achieve meaningful results.

According to a recent report from eMarketer, more brands in the US are understanding the significance of influencer marketing, particularly motivated by the ascent of ad blocking software. As the percentage of time spent on platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram keeps rising, more brands are discovering the level of advertising quality that comes when you work with influencers who can fuse brand messages into content that viewers really want to see.

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As advertisers discovered how they could disrupt the user experience in our online word, ad blocking technologies became the answer and is turning out to be incredibly popular. Particularly the solution was designed to block pop-up ads, auto-play recordings, and even standard promotions.

As an advertiser, think back on every one of the campaigns that you ran using these ad strategies and ask yourself: how powerful would your target say they really were?  At the time the numbers could have been great, but as time went on it could be said that you succeeded in annoying the end client.

There is some hope for repairing  the harm that has been done.. It’s called Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing offers an inventive solution for offering  marketers some assistance with getting back to achieving their buyers attention legitimately and effectively . Influencer Marketing is an advertising system that is entered in on all fronts in utilizing key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the market. As opposed to promoting specifically to an expansive gathering of purchasers, you rather pay influencers to get the message out for you.

So why adore ad blocking?

It strengthens marketers to ponder what they’re putting into the market and how much of what they are doing actually sells right away rather than a back and forth conversation.  Likewise, it enhances the client experience online. As customer abilities to focus diminish, they’re progressively isolating out their web time from their more forceful content utilization time. While they might be interested in taking a look at a sponsored Instagram from their most favorite fashion blogger, the same brand doing a full screen takeover promotion while they’re doing research for work is not going to suffice.

Ad blocking is benefiting all of our consumers  and forcing marketers to use channels, technologies, and solutions that improve the digital experience for consumers instead of taking over it.