Feel Like The Little Guy? Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just for Big Brands

By in Small Business

When you think of influencer marketing you might think about celebrities endorsing big brands. However, that’s just not the case anymore. In the past year influencer marketing has grown exponentially as a marketing channel. It is no longer just for the big brands, but is a marketing tactic small to mid-size businesses can now successfully leverage because of the deep demographic information available from HYPR.

For some time now, big brands have been creating influencer marketing campaigns. Through these engagements they have been building relationships with influencers across multiple social media channels, including Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest..  So how do they do this thing called Influencer Marketing? They connect themselves with popular social media users – now better known known as influencers and pay them to promote their product.

As you can imagine, these big brands have big influencers and the marketing budgets to afford a costly experiment. But this all recently changed. HYPR is the first influencer database that provides deep demographic information allowing the smaller guy to better target, select, and engage with social influencers. HYPR also doesn’t just focus on the larger more expensive and cost prohibitive influencers, the platform includes more niche influencers that can provide a big bang for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

With the proliferation of all these new smaller scale influencers, small businesses can take advantage of this to build their own influencer campaigns in an effective way that works with their limited budgets..


Want to get a sense of what influencers might be a good match for your business? At HYPR, we can help you find low-key influencers in a number of different verticals. Those influencers can then share your message through various social channels, leading to increased engagement and ultimately sales.

If you’re looking to start your first influencer campaign sign-up for a free trial and get access to the demographics you need to launch  successful campaign.