Do These Actors Have Enough Of “The Force” in Them To Be Influential Han Solo’s?

Do These Actors Have Enough Of “The Force” in Them To Be Influential Han Solo’s?
November 18, 2015 Connor Gallic

There is nothing more relevant in pop culture right now than Star Wars.  Breaking records by grossing $1 Billion worldwide in 12 days, the film has forced its way into the hearts of die hard and new fans alike.  In the peak of the Star Wars mayhem, The Hollywood Reporter released an article discussing some actors that Disney and Lucas Films are looking at to possibly cast in a new Han Solo spin off movie.  While people may think Influencer Marketing can only help brands, casting directors and film companies do not realize that data like HYPR has about audience demographics can also be used to make intelligent casting decisions.  By looking at an actor’s audience demographics, casting directors, studios and producers can see who follows that actor and convert that information into who they are targeting the movie towards.  By targeting the right audience through the films actors, Lucas Film and Disney will be able to target the marketing of the new movie to the correct audience and convert that marketing into people actually buying tickets.

Using HYPR’s database, we decided on who we think are the top 2 smartest choices from the actors suggested in the Hollywood Reporter article, researched one of our own choices and one actor we just don’t think has the force in him.



Young, talented, and attractive…what else would make a girl who doesn’t care about Star Wars go see the movie?  Logan Lerman is an up and coming actor who has been proving his character diversity in movies like Percy Jackson, Fury and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Star Wars and Disney have been creating new initiatives to reach more woman with their films and considering 77% of Lerman’s followers are female, he could be a good choice to achieve that diverse target audience.  He has high engagement and audience reach which is important because 75% of his followers are between the ages of 19-40.  He also reaches a diverse audience ethnically with 45% of his followers being Hispanic, 30% being Caucasian and 15% are Asian. People think of him when they think of fantasy movies after doing Percy Jackson and have seen him in more action and serious role in Fury so he could reach the right type of person who would be interested in seeing Star Wars as well.  This diverse appeal to multiple markets makes him a very intelligent choice for the new “Bad Boy” of the Star Wars franchise.

Logan Lerman influencer report


The past year and a half have been gigantic for young actor Ansel Elgort.  Playing a large role in the Divergent film series and a leading role opposite Shailene Woodley in the critically acclaimed book turned film The Fault in Our Stars, Elgort is starting to establish himself in the Hollywood community.  We think someone with this kind of star power, 6 Million followers on Instagram, and a budding music career could be the perfect magnetic personality for Han Solo.  Although 80% of his followers are women (which is fine because it helps Disney’s marketing plan of attracting woman), he has extremely high levels of engagement, reach and amplification amongst his audience. 76% of his followers fall between the ages of 18-39 which is the main demographic Star Wars is marketed to.  Considering his DJ name is “Ansolo”, we think “Han Solo” wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

Ansel Elgort influencer report


Coming off the successful X-Men franchise, Nicholas Hoult is creating a name for himself on our side of the pond.  The British actor has appeared in the UK show Skins and movies Warm Bodies and X-Men, showing his diversity as an actor. Like Logan Lerman and Ansel Elgort, Hoult’s followers fall in line with Star Wars and Disney new initiatives to reach more woman with their films with 68.2% female followers.  Hoult reaches a wide range of ethnicities including a large Hispanic following plus he is British so he has a high percentage of followers coming from the UK (18%) almost even with the United States (20%).  He evenly reaches the age groups from 19-25,26-32 and 33-39 showing he can help to target multiple audiences and that he appeals to many age brackets.  People know him from X-Men so he can relate to the audiences that may seem “nerdy” and like things like comic books, sci-fi action movies and of course STAR WARS.  Plus, he used to date Jennifer Lawrence…end of story.

Nicholas Hoult influencer report



Chuck Bass as Han Solo?  Unfortunately, we just can’t picture him getting down and dirty and having the macho presence as Han Solo in the Star Wars spinoff. Considering that Gossip Girl was mostly watched by women, it makes sense that Westwick has a female audience (89.5% female followers) that is more than 60% composed of fans under the age of 30.  While he would reach the new female market Disney is trying to target, his audience is too skewed female to also reach Star War’s already male fan base.  When people think of him they do not think of movies, especially action/ male oriented verticals therefore he would not appeal to the right audience interests and young men who want to be like Han Solo would not necessarily relate to him.  Having him in the movie would not help market to the correct audience or actually fill seats in theaters.   He also does not bring in a very diverse ethnic group and his amplification is not very high when it comes to followers bringing new people into his conversations.  We still love him though!

Ed Westwick influencer report