Develop Your Own Influencer Marketing Strategy

Develop Your Own Influencer Marketing Strategy
December 1, 2016 admin


There have been so many successful influencer-based campaigns that it makes it difficult to figure out what they all have in common and extract some greater wisdom from it. They all use different kinds of influencers, utilize different platforms, and use overall different mechanisms to drive their product and create buzz for their brand.

The fact of the matter is that there are about as many influencer marketing strategies as there are products that make use of influencer marketing. There will always be new and exciting ways to utilize the cool kids of social media and get them to sell your product for you. It’s not about copying whatever works for another brand because it’s not likely that the same strategy will work for you.

The key is doing your homework. By knowing your brand and knowing your market, you can develop an influencer marketing strategy that will work for your brand.

Target Market

It starts, just like with any other campaign, by knowing and studying your target market. This means knowing who they are before anything else. This could boil down to your usual demographic analysis. How old are the majority? Man or woman? How rich are they? Where do they live? These answers allow you to set proper goals for your campaign.


Once you have answered all the basic questions about your target market, you will have to answer the important question, “Who do they listen to?” This is important when it comes to an influencer marketing strategy because it will help you determine who your influencer should be. If your target market are mostly mothers, they probably listen to fellow-mothers. Then you have to figure out who the most popular mothers are online. Who will have the best reach?

Once you have chosen an influencer, you can figure out the specific behaviors of your influencer, which you can exploit for your brand. Do they often host contests? Maybe your product can be a prize. Do they take questions from their followers? Maybe you can get them to incorporate specific questions for your brand. By seamlessly working your way into the dynamics of your influencer and their followers, you can better ease your target market into your brand.

It is also important to build a meaningful relationship with each influencer. This means tailoring your message to best fit each individual influencer. If you want to email all of your potential influencers about participating in your campaign, write emails that are fundamentally different, instead of just writing one email to send as a group message. That little effort can go a long way, as it creates a relationship built on trust, which is more conducive to collaboration. It also helps to listen to your influencers, as they probably know your market better than you do.


As with any other campaign, you can learn so much from taking a step back and taking a good hard look at your work. Each campaign is an opportunity to learn, don’t stop once the campaign is finished; you can apply the lessons you learn to the next campaign. The best part about digital marketing, including influencer marketing, is that it is easily measurable. You have all sorts of metrics at your disposal. You can plot them out in charts or just appreciate the  numbers; this will help you to craft your next influencer marketing strategy and make your next campaign an even greater success.