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    The digital age has seen a shift in marketing with the emergence of KOL. KOL, better known as Key Opinion…

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    How to find the right social media influencer for your campaign

    Word of mouth marketing—that recommendation from a friend, family member or colleague—is the most valuable marketing strategy a company can…

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    (Effective) Instagram Influencer Marketing 101

    Instagram is becoming the fastest growing social channel for marketers in 2017. By 2019, influencer marketing is projected to claim…

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    Ryan Berger on Fox 5 News

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    7 Ways To Avoid Con-Influencers

    Influencers are everywhere. There are many routes to take when searching for the right influencer, whether you are a well-known…

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    Instagram’s Bait and Switch

    Instagram launched a new version of its app this morning, touting a much debated change to its logo.   The…